Each of the tribes of Israel had a flag specifically for their tribe by which they camped (Numbers 2:2). These flags are described in the Bible so when we decided to display them as a reminder of who we as Christians started with and are grafted into (Romans 11:17-24) we decided that instead of buying a flag that is inaccurate we would make our own.

After a great deal of research we have what we feel are the most accurate flags possible.

Each flag has embroidered a symbol representing the prophetic word Jacob spoke over each of his children (Genesis 49). There are no pictures in the Bible but we did try to get accurate images for the items mentioned including answering questions like "Were Egyptian emeralds really green?".

There are 18 flags. The twelve tribes actually produce 13 flags because Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh were blessed with the crossed-handed blessing (Genesis 48). There are also division flags for every three tribes.