Praise and Worship

Music Team APraise and worship brings us into the throne room of our Lord, Jesus. It also welcomes in the Holy Spirit and is an integral part of our relationship with Jesus. It is a very important part of our Sunday worship service. We lift our voices in song and our bodies in expressive worship to praise God as it says to in the Bible. Everyone is encouraged to participate as they desire in clapping, singing and dancing in the Holy Spirit as described in the Word. This is a time that we as the Body of Christ can worship together and not simply watch performers on the platform entertain us. Biblical worship is done as an activity, not a thought process or as a spectator event.

Music Team BThe Covenant Word dance team often combines expressive dance with praise songs in worship to God as it says in Psalm 150:4 “Praise him with the timbrel and dance.” They are an important part of our expressive worship team, bringing a new and fresh element to the other aspects of our time of glorifying God. In addition to dance, our worship team incorporates American Sign Language, expressive movement and gestures, dance, flags and streamers, various instruments such as tambourines and maracas and a joyful heart.

 The scripture says in Matthew 21 that out of the mouth of children and infants comes perfect praise. For that reason, our children are a very important part of praise and worship as well. We train all our children, from toddlers up to and including the teens, to worship God as the Bible says and make them a part of every service which prepares them to be God-worshipers as adults.

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